Healthcare Team

Community Midwives

Antenatal appointments are offered by our Community Midwife. They can be contacted on: 0300 421 6348

Health Visitors

Available for child health monitoring and advice until the age of 5, and contactable on: 0300 421 8922.

Community Nurses

The practice has a team of district and community nurses who are attached to the surgery but are based elsewhere and take special care of our patients who are unable to leave their homes.

The District Nurses can be contacted between 08:30 and 17:00 on 0300 421 8909. Out of these hours or weekends and Bank Holidays please call 0300 421 0555.

Clinical Pharmacists

The practice has a team of clinical pharmacists to help and assist.

Paramedic Practitioner

Vickie Bennett

Working in the urgent care team with the duty doctors and minor illness nurse, dealing with urgent clinical needs.

Patient Care Co-ordinator

Kate Barnes

Will work closely with patients and carers, their clinician or other health professionals to co-ordinate the most appropriate healthcare and services.