Research Practice

We are pleased to be part of the Primary Care Research Network. This means we are part of a network of General Practices in the South West who host medical research on a regular basis.  Patients registered with this practice have an opportunity to help shape the future of health care by taking part in research projects.

Findings from research studies help all GPs, nurses and other health professionals provide the most appropriate and up to date care.

As a member of the Research Network we will from time to time invite patients to take part in research studies. You may be asked by a member of the Practice to consider taking part in a research project. Please consider any information leaflets you may receive carefully  before making a choice.

Requirements of research projects will vary greatly, and might involve completing a questionnaire, agreeing to an interview with a researcher or taking part in a clinical trial. Participation in any research project is entirely voluntary. Declining to do so will not affect your medical care in any way.